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Frozen Yogurt Bites May 22, 2012

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We’ve all seen the Yogurt bites on Pinterest that use the ziploc baggie to make little dots. I made some of those today, but I used a “baby” spoon instead it worked well.


Recently I found Yogurt Bites in the freezer section at the grocery store that was frozen yogurt “rolled” in granola. They were delicious! I figured I could duplicate them.


The first time, my mini-muffin tin was packed for our move and I used my regular size muffin tin. It worked, but they were too big. So, I unpacked my mini-muffin tin and gave it another try.

Here’s the ingredients I used:


I didn’t have as much granola as I thought, so I decided to add a little graham cracker crumbs.


I used my Manual Food Processor to “chop” the granola into a finer texture.



Then I added the graham crackers and the melted butter. It made a nice “crust” consistency as if you were making a graham cracker crust.



Because I didn’t have much granola, I only made 8 bites. I would have used my mini-tart shaper, but it’s packed and in Moscow. 🙂



I used my small scoop to put the yogurt into each “crust.”



All 8 filled. I could have filled another 4 cups from the regular sized yogurt cup I was using.



Then I topped each one with the remaining granola mixture.

Here’s all the tools I used to make them:




Into my freezer to set up.



The finished product. I use my Citrus peeler to “pop” them out of the muffin tin. (I use that trick for just about anything I make in any of my muffin tins when I don’t use a cupcake liner.)

They taste close to the original. The original stays “creamier” than mine, but it will work. I have a feeling I will be making a lot of these this summer.


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