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Marathon Freezer Cooking May 17, 2012 May 17, 2012

I’ve been working on staying caught up with the Money Saving Mom’s challenge to fill my freezer in May. She is doing one recipe each week day. I tried to do that, but I found that I do best when I can do a few recipes at once. I feel like I get more accomplished when I can multitask. HOWEVER, I almost bit off more than I could get done today.

I started off with a list of each step so I wouldn’t forget anything and all my recipes together.















Here’s what I did:

I started cooking the beans to make my own refried beans in my 12 qt stockpot. I used my clock/timer to make sure I didn’t forget about them and overcook. And I used one of my bamboo spoons to stir periodically. Here’s the recipe I used:

I used 3 cups of dry beans and adjusted the other ingredients accordingly. I didn’t use ground coriander or fresh cilantro. They were delicious! They made enough for both recipes I needed them for plus a little leftover.

Then I started cooking the chicken I needed for the Southwest Roll Ups and the BBQ Chicken pockets in my Deep Covered Baker. I used my Chef’s Tongs and Digital Pocket Thermometer to make sure everything was cooked through. The I used my Salad Choppers to chop up the chicken quickly.














I started the Pizza Pocket & BBQ Chicken Pocket dough. I used my Adjustable Measuring Spoons, Small Mix ‘n Scraper, Measuring Cups, Italian Seasoning and Smoky Applewood Rub.

Here’s the recipe I used:  I made the first batch according to the recipe. The second batch I replaced the Italian Seasoning with the Pampered Chef’s Smoky Applewood Rub.

For the filling I used my 5″ Santoku forged cutlery, Bar Board, Bamboo Spoon and Medium Stainless Steel Scoop.













The scoop was fabulous to keep everything equal when I filled the pockets.














I only used the hamburger meat, pepperoni & pizza sauce for the pizza pockets. I added to cheese to some for those of us who can eat cheese. For the BBQ chicken, I used a pound + of cooked chicken and added bottled bbq sauce to make it saucy, but not too wet. I added cheese again for those of us who could have cheese.














I baked them on my Medium Sheet pan and some other pans I have. Then I put them on cold pans to go in my freezer to freeze them individually before I put them in zip bags for storage.

When the beans were done cooking, I mashed them in my 12″ skillet. I tried to mash them with my Mix ‘n Chop. It worked ok, but I had a lot to do and I knew with the smaller surface it would take a while. So I tried my Mix ‘n Masher next and it worked really well for how much I need to mash.











I used my Scoop ‘n Drain to get the beans out of the pot and into the skillet.















I used part of the beans for this recipe: I added the cheese after I had made some for my daughter that is dairy free. Then the other batch of beans I used in this recipe: Again, adding the cheese after I had made the dairy free batch. I used my stainless mixing bowls to make the fillings.

I used my 2 cup prep bowl and leakproof glass container to store the leftover fillings. I had a little of all but the southwest roll ups. We’re going to use the fillings on baked potatoes or toast or salad for dinner.

It took me 4+ hours to do it all. I had estimated 3+ hours. I was going to take a break and finish up the burritos and roll-ups, but I decided to push through and get it done at once. I’m so glad I got so much accomplished.













Next time, I will make the pockets and cook the beans at the same time, but I will plan to make the burritos and roll-ups the next day.

My family is super excited to give these recipes a try and I’m sure I will make them all again. They were all relatively easy, but it was a learning curve since it was the first time I made all 4 of them.


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