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Freezer Cooking 7/20 July 20, 2011


Finished product



So glad I’m getting back in the habit of cooking & freezing ahead of time.

I’m hoping to plan better so I can do it in an hour, but today it took me just over an hour and a half. Still totally worth my time to fix things and get them in the freezer. The great part of today was getting my 10 year old daughter in on the fun.

I made three things today: 

Freezer Friendly Breakfast Burritos ( The recipe said it made 20, I got 19. It’s a really quick and easy recipe to make. My daughter chopped the onions and peppers with my manual food processor and stirred the eggs while they cooked. We also put them together in an assembly line. I put the egg mixture in the tortillas and wrapped it up in the paper towel. She wrapped it in the foil and then put it in the freezer bag. When the eggs were done, I made the first 7 without cheese for my oldest daughter who can’t have dairy. Then we added cheese for the rest of the burritos.


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins ( Pretty straight forward recipe. It makes A LOT of muffins. I have 24 regular size and 24 mini muffins. We froze the regular size and kept out the minis for snacks this week.

All Natural No Bake Energy Bites (  These are wonderful!!!! I doubled the recipe and use my small scoop (about 1 Tbsp) to make the bites. We got 53. I used macadamia nuts and chocolate chips for the add-ins. Even though it made a bunch, I don’t think they will last long. I will probably need to make these each week. But it was really easy, my daughter enjoyed making them with me.



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