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Philly Cream Sauce vs Making Your Own March 17, 2011

 I’ve seen the ads for the new Philly Cream sauces. It sounds like a great product and super easy. So I picked one up the other day. I had a coupon that made it $1.25. Figured it was worth it to give it a try. One catch, though, my oldest daughter doesn’t eat dairy. Now what?

Why not make my own?

I had other plans for tonight’s dinner, but I forgot to thaw the chicken. That made tonight’s dinner one of those throw together evenings.

I cooked linguine to go with the homemade because that is Caitlin’s pasta of choice. I opened the Philly & sampled. It had quite a bit of kick to it. I went with the Chipotle rub to make hers. I added about 1/4 cup to 8 oz of soy cream cheese. They tasted about the same.

There were several recipes that came with the Philly cream sauce. I went with the pasta one. Thought it would be the best “canvas” to try it out. I had some leftover taco meat I added to Caitlin’s and followed their recipe. Once I added the soy cream cheese mixture to the meat & cooked pasta it thickened up quite a bit. I added a little soy milk and it made it “saucier.” When I sampled it, it still had some kick to it.

I used meatballs and penne for ours. I added the Philly to it and it was “saucier” to begin with. Think they have something else in it to make it do that. I was worried that it had the same spiciness that the soy one did because I had made it to be the same. I added some sour cream & mozzarella to it as well to help with it since the younger kids don’t like spicy.

Once it was all done, I think it turned out pretty similar. I will probably use less spice and add some soy sour cream the next time I make it and see how it does.

I don’t think I’ll buy the Philly sauce again. I can make my own with any of the rubs/seasonings I have with the Pampered Chef. Looking at the labels, making my own will also be a little healthier. In the long run it will also be more economical. I usually get bricks of regular cream cheese for less than a dollar plus some of the seasoning.

I think it’s a great idea that I plan to tweak to make it work for me and use as a fill in dinner for night’s like tonight.


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