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Quick Chicken Pad Thai March 15, 2011

1# boneless, skinless chicken thighs, trimmed
2 Tbsp Thai Red Curry Rub
8 oz uncooked linguine noodles (I used whole wheat & it worked great)
2 cups unsalted chicken stock
2 garlic cloves, pressed
4 green onions with tops
1/2 cup prepared pad thai sauce (I couldn’t find any at the store, so I used the Pampered Chef Thai Peanut sauce, about 1/2 cup, plus 2 Tbsp each of soy sauce and rice vinegar)
2 cups bean sprouts
Coarsely chopped peanuts, chopped fresh cilantro and lime wedges (optional)
  1.   Dice chicken into 1/2-in. (1-cm) pieces using Chef’s Knife. Combine chicken and rub in Deep Covered Baker; mix well using Master Scraper. Microwave, covered, on HIGH 4 minutes; stir to separate chicken. Break noodles in half. Add noodles, stock and garlic pressed with Garlic Press to baker. Microwave, covered, on HIGH 14–16 minutes or until noodles are tender, stirring twice during cooking using Chef’s Tongs to separate noodles.
  2.   Meanwhile, on clean Cutting Board, slice green onions with Utility Knife. Add pad thai sauce to baker; stir. Microwave, covered, on HIGH 2–3 minutes or until sauce is hot. Carefully remove baker from microwave using Oven Mitts. Stir in onions and bean sprouts. Garnish with peanuts and cilantro, if desired. Serve with lime wedges, if desired.

Yield: 6 servings

Nutrients per serving: Calories 310, Total Fat 4.5 g, Saturated Fat 1 g, Cholesterol 65 mg, Carbohydrate 42 g, Protein 22 g, Sodium 600 mg, Fiber 2 g

Cook’s Tips: To prepare on the stovetop, combine diced chicken and rub in Stainless (4-qt./4-L) Mixing Bowl. Heat 1 tbsp (15 mL) vegetable oil in (12-in./30-cm) Skillet over medium-high heat 1–3 minutes or until shimmering. Add chicken; cook 4–6 minutes or until browned. Add stock, pasta and garlic. Bring to a simmer. Cover Skillet; reduce heat to medium-low. Simmer, covered, 10–12 minutes or until pasta is tender. Add sauce, onions and sprouts. Garnish as directed.

The Pampered Chef, Season’s Best Spring/Summer 2011


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