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1st Steps to Your Pampered Chef business June 1, 2010

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There are five aprons you can try on with your own Pampered Chef business:


Sells to neighbors, friends, and relatives primarily through catalog orders.  Likes the idea of earning a little extra money and buying at a discount.


Sells for a short period of time with a goal in mind.  Stops when goal is reached.


Loves doing parties and earning extra money when it’s convenient.

May work a few shows some months and skip other months entirely.


Wishes to make a specific monthly income to pay for an ongoing expense (credit card, car payment, child’s dance lessons).  Regularly dates one or two shows a week.


Consistently dates two parties a week.  Views their business as a valuable career, knowing it can provide a full-time income.  Pursues leadership.

What you need to have thought through before starting your Pampered Chef business:

  • What you want to make each month. Based on that dollar amount, you can determine how many shows you do in a month. A full-time consultant has 8 or more shows in a month. Part time is 4-6 shows.
  • Thought of at least 4-6 people who would be willing to host one of your first shows. Hosts who have a show in your first 30 days receive a hostess gift. You can count your own grand opening show in your home or somewhere else as one of those shows.

When you talk to potential hosts, let them know how excited you are to start your new business and how much it would help you for them to host one of your first shows. Encourage them to invite people who you may not know or know well. This will help you expand your customer base quickly.

 $159 plus tax for over $500 in products and business supplies & training guide. Or the mini kit for $80 with over $200 in products and business supplies & training guide. Once you sign up with the Pampered Chef, you have access to fabulous online training to help you get your business off to a great start.

Prospective consultants often ask about additional expenses when they first sign up. The Pampered Chef has a generous New Consultant Program. You earn commission on all your sales from the moment you sign up. But you can also earn Pampered Chef Dollars (PC $) that you can use for business supplies, products and samples.

In your first 90 days you earn 100 PC $ for every $1250 in sales you submit and every new consultant you sign up. But if you submit $1250 in sales in your first 30 days, the dollars double.  Again, this is in addition to your commission!

Ready to have fun! This is a great business. I’ve owned my Pampered Chef business for almost 5 years. I enjoy meeting new people and setting my own hours.

If you need more information, email me at

If you have a consultant you’re working with and this is just extra info, that’s great.

If you don’t have someone you are working with and you think the Pampered Chef is for you, I would love to have you join my team.

Go to my website at to join my team.


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