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Why a Deep Covered Baker? April 1, 2010

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I love my Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker!

You’ll notice that some of my recipes are only for the Deep Covered Baker. They were created at Pampered Chef just for our product. However, I use my Baker for other recipes.

I use my Baker or 12″ skillet to prepare most of my family’s meals.

The Baker is great because you can use it in the oven or microwave. It’ll bake a 5# chicken, 4# roast, casseroles and even cakes in the microwave.

It’s about 13X9 and about 6 inches tall. I’ve cooked tater tot casserole and my mexican chicken casserole in it in the microwave. Any casserole you would bake in a 13X9 in the oven you can probably do in the microwave. The only ones I wouldn’t do are the ones that have you make a crunchy topping.

The cooking time is about the same, but you did it in the microwave and didn’t heat up your kitchen from a hot oven.

I’ve cooked 4# of chicken breasts in about 20ish minutes. Just mix them around a couple of times in the cooking process. Then I use the cooked chicken chopped up to make dinner packets for the freezer for future dinners.

I’ve had mine about two years. I did not pay full price because I hosted a show and used the show discount to get it. But even at full price it’s paid for itself several times by keeping us from eating out.

You can get a Deep Covered Baker for your own kitchen by purchasing it at full price of $85 or you can host a show and use the host benefits to get it for FREE, at a discount or 1/2 price. (I help my hosts use their benefits to get them the best price for all of their wish list items.)

As a host you could purchase the Baker at 1/2 price when your show reaches $300 in sales (this works for a cooking show or catalog show if you live too far for me to travel). (Hosts don’t pay for shipping.) It’s a great deal!

The Deep Covered Baker should be in every kitchen. It’s my go-to tool when I need to get dinner done quickly.

If you need more details about the Baker or the Pampered Chef, go to


One Response to “Why a Deep Covered Baker?”

  1. Hi I am obsessed with making Romertopf bread. But I don’t want to buy an clay pot. I wonder if I can soak my deep covered baker to do this ?

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