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Why I love Pampered Chef! March 18, 2010

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Pampered Chef has given me some great tools and recipes to create for my family. I’ve gained great confidence in the kitchen in what I prepare for others. Especially now, since I have to make recipes in front of people. I’ve always loved to cook, but this brings a whole new dynamic cooking in front of others.

Today for example, is prep day for me. I’m going out of town for the weekend and I needed to make some meals that my family could easily put together.
I made stew yesterday and today I prepped 3 meals in under an hour.
Deep Covered Baker cooked partially thawed chicken in the microwave in 20 min.
Salad Chopper chopped the chicken into bite size pieces for the 2 freezer meals.
12″ skillet cooked the ground turkey for taco meat.
Southwest seasoning seasoned the meat for tacos.
Smoky BBQ rub seasoned the chicken wraps.
Collander drained everything that needed draining for those 3 recipes.
Plus I used measuring cups, measuring spoons, a bamboo spoon and a regular mixing spoon.
It’s all easy clean up and my kitchen is already clean except I’m soaking the DCB.

This is why I do Pampered Chef, I want to help others discover that they can cook, that it’s easy, it can be fun and delicious! I also want to help customers become hosts so they can get these great tools for free or discounted.
Schedule a show and I’ll help you and your friends make up menus &/or learn a great recipe they can do at home.
If I can help other families make meal time easier, then I feel I’ve done a good job!

For more information on the Pampered Chef, go to

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