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Week of March 15th (Revised) March 17, 2010

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Smoky Bean & Chicken Wraps

Beef Stew

Homemade Mac & Cheese with diced ham


Chicken Stir Fry

Loaded Baked Potato Chowder

Email me at for specific recipes if I haven’t posted them yet.

I had to tweak the week because I’m going out of town. I made the beef stew yesterday and taco meat today. My family can eat that over the weekend. If they run out, I made the chicken stir fry and smoky bean & chicken wraps for the freezer. They can pull one of them out and have it ready in 30 minutes. If not, I have them for a future dinner.

Happy dinner!


2 Responses to “Week of March 15th (Revised)”

  1. Jeanne Modine Says:

    Hoping for the chili cornbread caserole! 🙂

    • TeenTweenToddlerMom Says:

      I can post that recipe, but I made it in the PChef deep covered baker in the microwave. I’ll have to see if I can tweak it to make in a regular baking dish in the oven.

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